KJ Greenland a/s is without doubt a first choice when choosing a business associate to ensure a continual improvement of the infrastructure, both above & below ground level.

Land Development

If you have a new building project then start the process in cooperation with us. We carry out land surveying, leveling, landscaping & laying of sewage piping so that the building site is fully prepared for the foundations completely by the book.

Road and streets

Routing, surveying, excavating, blasting, leveling, landscaping, preparing foundations & laying the asphalt covering – where there is requirement for roads & streets throughout Greenland we are there from start to finish with our competent employees who have a professional approach that will ensure a product that will last for many years.

Snow clearing

We can offer a snow clearing service for both public & private customers. Contact us for an unconditional meeting in order to find the mutually best & cheapest solution – in most cases a fixed contract solution can be the best as it leaves you without any worries.

Aka Rasmussen
Tel. (+299) 58 33 79
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