KJ Greenland – building and civil engineering contractor

KJ Greenland A/S is a building and civil engineering contractor that is fully owned by brothers Karl and Jens Jensen.

Karl and Jens Jensen have been actively working in the building contractor sector for the past thirty years, the last twenty of which were as co-founders and owners of one of Greenland’s biggest building contractors.

Palle Bendtsen was employed as new CFO and became a co-owner of the company on 1 September 2017.

Palle Bendtsen has more than thirty years of experience as an accountant, the past twenty-five of which were with Deloitte in Greenland.

KJ Greenland A/S was founded in 2011, and our employees have 20–30 years of experience within the building contractor sector throughout Greenland.

We take a professional approach to our work and give high priority to keeping our promises and agreements!

As a responsible team player in Greenland’s business community, our goal is provide a good workplace for traineeships and apprenticeships for young people seeking to work in the building contractor sector, including a training programme as a mechanic for construction equipment.

KJ Greenland A/S is ready at all times to carry out a wide variety of tasks all over Greenland, primarily building contractor tasks for public and private sector clients and for the mining and petrochemical industries.

KJ’s divisions

KJ Aasiaat

Box 300
3950 Aasiaat
Tel. (+299) 89 27 67

KJ Ilulissat

Box 402
3952 Ilulissat
Tel. (+299) 94 26 63

KJ Uummannaq

Box 115
Uummannaq 3961
Tel. (+299) 52 88 57

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Box 300, 3950 Aasiaat
Tel. (+299) 89 27 67

Jens Jensen
(+299) 89 27 67
(+299) 58 27 87


Box 402, 3952 Ilulissat
Tel. (+299) 94 26 63

Karl Jensen
(+299) 94 26 63
(+299) 58 33 80

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