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Are you daring enough to work abroad in Greenland and take on Arctic building projects? Then please send us an unsolicited application. We are ALWAYS looking for qualified labour within all our segments.

Become a builder for KJ

We have construction sites big and small in north-west Greenland with an ongoing need for qualified technicians. Ambitious trade specialists who work for KJ can help the company take on challenges big and small. We are continuously seeking technicians for the towns of Aasiaat and Ilulissat, and for various settlement tasks in the surrounding area. If you prefer towns or settlements – projects or service tasks – then KJ Greenland A/S has opportunities for you.

We employ both experienced and newly qualified tradespeople on a regular basis in the following positions:

  • Sapper and machine operators, as well as unskilled labourers
  • Motor mechanics and machine mechanics
  • Construction workers, concrete workers and workers involved in the production and assembly of concrete panels
  • Bricklayers, carpenters and painters.

The employment process starts with Jobbest, our HR partner, and you can use the links below to apply for the positions.

Construction management and contract management.

KJ Greenland has a skilled staff comprising the following positions: building technicians, Arctic engineers and artisans who plan, manage and execute our contracts.

We carry out most of our tasks in the towns of Aasiaat and Ilulissat, and at KJ we on tasks as trade contracts, general contracts and turnkey contracts.

“Below you will find the positions that are currently vacant in our construction management.

If you do not find a position that fits your professional profile, we urge you to send an unsolicited application (using the form at the bottom of the page) or send an email to

We will also answer the phone or open the door during your visit if you prefer.”

Practical traineeships and apprenticeships

Boost your building technician career by gaining experience of Arctic construction projects!

At KJ Greenland A/S, we are always on the lookout for trainees and apprentices with the building technology trades and professions. As a building technician or engineering student, working at KJ Greenland will get you off to a good start on your career in construction management. We carry out tasks both big and small and of varying degrees of complexity, and give you an opportunity to get practical experience of this in the day-to-day management at a construction site, as well as in the overarching management of schedules and finances at the office. From the get-go, you will be an important member of our management team and will naturally receive ongoing feedback from your colleagues.

So, do you have the determination it takes to gain professional construction management experience, while experiencing Greenland at the same time?

Then please send us an application, your CV and a portfolio and/or project documents from your study programme to Søren Pedersen at

Are you looking for a trade apprenticeship and would you like to take part in building Greenland’s future?

KJ Greenland A/S is an attractive company if you want to start your career in the construction industry and want to gain experience of Arctic building projects. We have apprentices in the trades of excavation, concreting, bricklaying, painting, carpentry and joinery, and we give KJ apprentices the opportunity to join in building projects big and small.

We accept apprenticeships on an ongoing basis, and you will start immediately after you complete your basic training course.

We appreciate apprentices who report to work on time or learn to do this, and who are independent and motivated. During your apprenticeship you will receive mentoring and feedback from our apprentice coordinator and the trade managers for the individual trades.

In addition to the technical skills you gain during our apprenticeship days, you will get an opportunity to enhance your skill sets within areas such as work planning, surveying and managing your own time.

Do you have an questions?

If you have any questions concerning jobs and careers at KJ Greenland A/S, please feel welcome to contact

Søren Pedersen.

HR- Coordinator – Jobbest.DK
Mobil: +45 5150 7863

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