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We carry out all types of building contractor works in Greenland

KJ Greenland A/S carries all types of building contractor works. We specialise in large-scale construction projects, and excavation and concreting works in rocky ground under Arctic conditions. Our employees are experienced and highly skilled, and our machinery is designed to carry out tasks big and small.

Tasks around towns, ports and settlements

We are experienced in port and waterfront building projects and harbour dredging projects, and we carry out maintenance of harbour facilities on an ongoing basis – both above and below the water line. We easily and flexibly carry out diving tasks for port facilities, etc.

We have done site preparation works for public and private sector clients, and we apply our vast expertise when carrying out tasks in settlements.

Small-scale and large-scale construction projects

We have all sizes of excavators, dumper trucks and speciality machinery ready to carry out earthmoving and concreting tasks, such as excavation for foundations, roads and sewer systems. We deliver crushed aggregate and hard core from our own stocks, and we can assist you with stone crushing, blasting and civil engineering tasks, also for large-scale extraction projects.

Geodesic and land surveying, staking out, and charting technical facilities and infrastructure.

For blasting and excavation works are will gladly assist you with professional setting out, surveying and charting of technical facilities and infrastructure with full-feature total station and GPS. Our skilled employees have vast experience of geodesic surveying in rocky ground and soil alike.

  • Hotel Ilulissat

    Year built: 2020
    6 floors, 30 rooms

KJ’s building contractor divisions


Jens Jensen

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Erne L Olsen

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Karl Jensen

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Bo Simonsen

Tel.(+299) 58 33 78

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Box 300, 3950 Aasiaat
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Box 402, 3952 Ilulissat
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Karl Jensen
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