KJ GREENLAND – Construction & Mining Company

KJ Greenland a/s is a Construction & Mining Company that is wholly owned by the brothers Karl and Jens Jensen, who has been actively engaged in the construction and mining industry for over 30 years, with 20 years as co-founders/owners of one of Greenlands largest construction companies.

KJ Greenland a/s was established in 2011 & our employees have 20-30 years of working experience in the construction industry in Greenland. Our company operates professionally and has an emphasis on honouring both verbal and written agreements. As a responsible operator in the business environment of Greenland, we have as an objective to offer a good level of education for young employees who wish to work in the construction industry. We also, are able to offer an education for those wishing work with repair and maintenance of construction machinery.

KJ Greenland a/s is always prepared and able to handle and complete various tasks throughout Greenland, especially construction work for public and private customers, as well as projects for the mining & oil industry.


  • Snow Clearing

    KJ Greenland a/s have just established a 3 year contract with the council of Qaasuitsup for snow clearing in the town of Ilulissat.

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  • Seqi Olivin Mine

    KJ Greenland a/s have just agreed to remove 800m3 of scrap iron from the Olivin mine at Maniitsoq in connection with a process of tidying up the site for the Swedish owners, Minelco. .

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  • Welcome to the new website of KJ Greenland a/s

    It is a pleasure for us to present our new website to which we are adding the final touches. Please have a surf around as we are quite sure that you or your company will find something of interest.

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